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I'm just a guy wanting to Animate to make people laugh, cry, laugh again and maybe feel something new.
I also do some sketches

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Posted by ChrisCatoonyBoy - February 17th, 2019

I'm so sorry that I haven't posted on here in a while.

I've been having one hell of a week this week, from my brother fainting and having to be taken to Hospital, my parents getting my sinus infection to me getting a sinus infection TWICE, I haven't really had the best weeks to be fair, but I aim to improve it this week coming as I am going to be putting my head down tomorrow to try and get my project for College off the ground faster than usually.

The idea for my College project was originally going to be based off of Norse Mythology, but I decided that I wanted to revisit my older animations from college, which I'm planning on going back to in August as part of my practice tests for 2D Animation. But seeing how I have to do a 3D Animation, I'm going to be making the project for College a 3D version of my original 2D Animation.

After College, I plan to work on my Showreel by creating the ultimate showreel meaning I'll be going back to some of my work such as my CGI project to my 3D Animations from last year.

Tomorrow will be the last day I'm on social media for a while, but I will be back to show you guys some concept art from my Animation project for College.

Posted by ChrisCatoonyBoy - January 31st, 2019

I'm so super excited! 

I just got Toon Boom today and turns out I got the Premium model for only £14 because I'm still enrolled at College! So I could start using it now for my 2D Animation Project as well as use the software for my 3D Animation Project for College! 

I can't wait to tell you guys more about my 2D Animation Project in July 2019! 

Posted by ChrisCatoonyBoy - January 29th, 2019

So I've begun to work on my animation project for College and I can confirm it's going to be a 3D Animations that will be designed in such a way that it's actually looks 2D. 

The Animation is based off my first ever 2D Animated Short, but it'll be a reboot to that project by creating both characters as bipedal characters that will stand on their own two feet when originally they didn't. Some sketches will be uploaded soon but for now, I'm working on the written research for now and I hope to push my research further into maybe giving me an idea on what to do with my other project which will be in the works soon. 

Now for the Concept art, I will be uploading that sometime in April as it'll take me a while to sketch it out and then refine it on PC. 

I can share much details about the project as of now, but I'm considering uploading my original idea tomorrow to show you guys what my idea was originally based on. 

Posted by ChrisCatoonyBoy - January 29th, 2019

Yes guys, I'm gonna have to say that I will be putting the Challenge on hold for the time being as College has become my number one priority for now and I wanna focus on making the best short Animation for my last Semester to impress my friends, family and Tutors who've helped me on this journey.

So I will answer a few questions: 

Is there going to be no more uploads of art?

No, of course not! I love uploading art here as I feel happy being around such talented people! 

Will the challenge be back on anytime soon?

Yes and No. Yes, the Challenge will be back on, but it won't be in the same format of One Drawing a Day. 

Will we get to see any original content then?

YES! I had fun drawing the characters I loved as a kid, but I feel like maybe it's time to work on some of my original stuff. 


However, I will be doing a drawing every Monday as a way to keep myself in the mindset of drawing. 

Thank  you all for looking up my stuff and I can't wait to show you more of my art and possible future animations! 


Posted by ChrisCatoonyBoy - January 27th, 2019

I know I've been sticking to my "110 Day Drawing Challenge" but as of recent I feel as though my art is improving and I feel like I'd prefer to draw stuff that isn't just drawn from a reference and rather something unique and in my own style. 

So from today, I will be annoucing the Challenge will only be 30 Days instead, this is so I can have time to work on my College work and I'm lifting the Anime Ban from the challenge and instead I'll be choosing more Anime characters. This means: 

- No Seasons

- Final Art Piece will take time, meaning it'll appear as soon as I feel ready

- More Art work that's both for the challenge and for my own work will be shown

- Backgrounds will start being added after this week's batch of characters are done

- Wild Card will still be in affect but this time I get to choose from characters I don't really like

The challenge is still on, only it's been lowered to 30 days instead of 110 days.

Posted by ChrisCatoonyBoy - January 26th, 2019

So originally the plan was the make art in under 110 Days or within it, but since I had gotten my timetable for my final semester of College, I have to make some adjustments to the challenge as I will be busy working on my final animation for College (Which will be 3D but I might actually upload it here later) and one day I won't have time to draw for my challenge, so instead starting from Sunday, I will be drawing 2 CHARACTERS in one day to compcate for that and I will do this 2 times a week, so expect 2 Character drawings on Monday and Thrusday, the only times I'm off. 

But when Feburary 11th rolls round, I'll be back to one drawing a day for 1 Week as it's a Half-Term, but I'll go back to drawing 2 Characters every 2 times a week, but it doesn't mean I won't be drawing characters at all, just the process of having them edited on computer might take some time as we're nearing Season 2 of the challenge. 

Posted by ChrisCatoonyBoy - January 24th, 2019

So. I've been working out how to make this challenge even more challenging, so I decided  that I will be making each 30 Art Works for the Challenge into Seasons. 

Currently, I'm in Season 1 and this Season will feature characters without shading but colored lineart of my favourite characters, but once I begin Season 2 in which I will amp things up by making part oif the Challenge to actually shade the characters accurately to the original references. 

Also, Season 2 will have another rule that will be part of the challenge, which gives me the chance to draw 2 Anime Characters during Season 2 of the Challenge. However, I must only pick ONE anime character per  Anime, so I'll keep those two a secret for now. 

Also also, I want to say thank you so much for the support! I've been recieving some positive comments from people on here to encourage me to keep on going and I'm honored, thank you so much Newgrounds! 


Posted by ChrisCatoonyBoy - January 23rd, 2019

So this will be the first time I'm doing this, but I might be taking a brief stop to this Challenge just for today, as I've been very business making plans with my friends to go see the new Dragon Ball Super film, which was amazing! 

Don't worry, this means I will be working on TWO art pieces tomorrow, so you could see a double team piece.

Posted by ChrisCatoonyBoy - January 20th, 2019

Hello Everyone! 

This is just a quick bit of news, 

I have decided to take on my own challenge to get me back into drawing as well as improve called the '110 Drawing Challenge', this is so that for each day I will be drawing 1 character at random from a hat. 


1. The character CAN NOT be from Live Action, Video Games or 3D Animations 

2. The character must be a character I have fond memories of (i.e. Characters from Cartoons I loved) 

3. I can only pick 2 Characters from the same Universe every 30 days.

4. After 30 days, the hat will be refilled with new characters to draw and Rule 3 is then reset, which means I can pick 2 characters from the same Universe but Rule 3 will still be in affect.

5. NO CHEATING, which means tracing or utilizing any outside help to work on the characters

6. On the 110 day, I must create one big art piece that must incorperate 1 Original Character


So that's that, all the rules have been laid out and so far I have done the first day of the challenge, only 109 days to go.... Pray for me